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    I just saw the old message posted by Chris and i figured i'd comment because I am Justin's cousin, Patrick. We used to ride together sometimes but I pretty much stuck to mountainbike racing instead of road.

    Anyway, his career ended around 95' in Arizona when a tendon tore off his knee. He had surgery but that was it for his cycling career. For several years he sort of didnt do anything with his life until he was about 24 or 25 and tried to get back into cycling. He came back faster and lighter than he'd ever been but unfortunely while training in Lake George, a car pulled out in front of him during a descent and that was that.

    I dont know how well you knew him but I dont know why you think he's a 'shithead.' your opinion though. he did some questionable things but he's a good guy. anyway, he's married now and living in Romania. How do you know him?

    >This strikes a cord. I knew a kid by the name of Justin Bartlett who was >quite a talent but was so screwed up in the head...well you had to really >know him. Ultimately he was a real shithead, but also a pathalogical liar >involved in insurance fraud, a drug dealer from time to time and bulemic. He >went from the pro track to nothing in about a year.