Rides around Perth ...


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May 17, 2007
Greetings out to all , being a newbie to this forum I am looking to hook up with anyone male female whoever wants to ride in the afternoons , Sat mornings , Sundays i ride from home to home in Atwell to Perth Kings Park round the river and back with another guy so that is covered .
It has been 13 years since i raced and Im finding my feet again .... so ELITE guys n girls i won't be able to keep with just yet !

I am comfortable to sit on 30-40kmph around town and like to clock up 40-60km a day .

Hell I will even go if you have a trike just so i can get some km up , beginner junior senior i dont care ... if you can only sit on 20 km per hour

I don't mind riding south ... or north from Jandakot and surrounding areas .
Iam free to ride any day after 130pm

Hit me back at [email protected]m

thanx in advance