riding for Tacos in Davenport

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  1. Being less than fully employed once again, I've had the chance to do some
    more Santa Cruz county exploring.

    I set out late (11:30 am) from Palo Alto with no clear destination in mind,
    just knowing that the San Mateo / Santa Cruz coast was going to be part of
    the ride. My riding partners friends are all working or out of town so this
    was solo.

    Once at the Foothill expressway, I decided to head toward Hwy 9. It was warm
    and I was concerned about the heat and staying hydrated. I forgot that
    weekdays mean lots of gravel trucks until you pass the quarry at Stevens
    Canyon. The climb up Redwood Gulch was uneventful and not too hot. Much like
    the Sequoia Century a few weeks earlier. I munched down some lunch at
    Saratoga Gap, which was remarkably quiet even for a weekday in summer. I
    decided to head toward Felton via Hwy 9. I can never decide whether climbing
    or descending 9 is a better deal. It takes a long time either way, gradual
    and smooth.

    I got some water and Gatorade in Boulder Creek and continued west on 9. The
    traffic was really getting to be annoying. So when I saw Alba road, I
    decided to bite off that monster climb instead of staying on 9 any longer. I
    took it really slow, so it wasn't a problem. Nice and shady and very pretty
    and quiet too - nothing but stellars jays and the occasional crow, very few
    cars. I then took a left at Empire Grade thinking that I'd head down Bonny
    Doon Rd. I got to Ice Cream Grade and took the right and had forgotten that
    it's a downhill. I was prepared for another climb, but that was a benign
    mistake. This was when the fog set in. I took the left on Martin and then
    got on to Pine Flat. At the intersection with Bonny Doon, I forgot that the
    road sign is turned 90 degrees like it always has been and I accidentally
    stayed on Pine Flat instead of heading down BD. I then found myself turning
    back onto Empire Grade and passing the previous intersections again. Not a
    big deal, but I had a lot of riding left to get back before sunset.

    So, once again, down PF to BD - cold downhill into the fog. I stopped for
    something to eat in Davenport. I like the Whale City Bakery but didn't want
    pastries or coffee at that point. I checked out the La Cabana Taqueria and
    decided to get a fish taco. I can say without reservation that it was the
    best I've ever eaten.Wow! Upcoming hill climbs be damned, I got another.
    Great menu, including cactus Tacos. Now I had to face the 25 miles north on
    Hwy 1 to Pescadero. Fortunately for me, the wind direction check I had done


    before setting out still was correct, only it was strong now. 25 miles with
    a strong tail wind was fine. I was riding the same speed as the wind so I
    could hear the surf most of the way. With such a good tailwind, I stayed on
    1 instead of cutting over to Cloverdale Rd at Gazos Creek Rd. The fog was
    all to the south and it was clear further north. The normal summer pattern
    seemed reversed. The flowers all along the way were amazing. I can't name
    any of them, since they are mostly coastal native varieties I don't see

    Rolling into Pescadero, it was almost 6:00 pm. The Arcangeli bakery was
    closed already (and long out of the excellent apple turnovers!) so I went to
    Muzzi's and was given some good Colombian coffee for free - they were
    closing and it was going to go to waste. Sweet!

    The Tacos mostly digested by then, I grunted up and over Haskins Hill and
    then up West Alpine. I didn't get out of the fog until Alpine. I made it
    home just before dark. Not a single unpleasant incident and amazing scenery.
    I had hoped for a shorter time, but between opting for Alba and then missing
    that turn, it wasn't bad.

    I'm ready to plan my next ride around that Taqueria. Unfortunately, doing
    the ride counterclockwise would probably rule out the Tacos. Chowing down on
    spicy food at the bottom of Bonny Doon road isn't a good plan.