Riding from jacksonville, florida to astoria, oregon.

The Big Ride for EB

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Sep 19, 2017

Have seen this question asked in forums on internet, but wished to ask it here as it pertains to the ride I am doing next February. And can only find replies that are 4-5 years old.

Crossing the Rocky Mountains, and where is best for this ride? Some of the goals of what I feel "best for this ride" means > 1) in perfect world, would like to go by or thru as many larger cities as possible. 2) since there is a return bike ride of going back across the country, choosing the most difficult place to get thru the mountains is not in the best interest. 3) We picked to leave Jacksonville in late Feb in hopes of not going thru the mountains in the brunt of winter, but do understand there is chance of snow when we get there (I live in upstate NY and ride year round, so snow not a monster issue depending on location.

We will be skating pretty low in the country until we get into Texas maybe around Houston, as their is a group we would like to see there. After that we are kind of up in the air as the "best way" for us to attack making it to the Pacific NW and Astoria, Or.

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Jan 15, 2011
This is a hard choice. The easiest path is the southern route and then up through central California then paralleling the Highway 5 route from LA. But this is also a longer trip at over 3,500 miles. This puts your trip at over a month and a half out counting time off for good behavior. The cross country ride on the way back probably goes across the northern tier. It has a lot of climbing in it if memory serves so you are talking a LONG ride. So you probably want as easy a ride out as possible. There are in general no easy ways across the Rockies in late February or early March. Considering the expected weather this coming year.