Riding from newark to nyc via gwb


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Jun 28, 2020
This is primarily for those in the New York metro area, but I am open to responses and suggestions from anyone. I ride approximately 40-50 miles a week, but I sometimes can go as high as 75 miles in one week. I plan on attacking the road course from my home to New York via the George Washington Bridge. The course on the Jersey side is pretty flat, save for a small hill in East Rutherford. However, there is a massive 300-foot vertical incline leading up to the GWB in Fort Lee. I am looking for any suggestions or advice as how to best attack this incline. Is it all in my leg stretch, or should I make sure I am in a certain gear? Should I go full tilt from the start, or is a steady pace the best option? Any and all advice is appreciated.

As a separate ask, if anyone is uniquely familiar with this course, can you tell me how much of it is shared with cars?