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Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by John King, May 10, 2003.

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    I went on a 107 mile ride today with 4 other riders. I tried leaning well over centering my
    palms on the brake hood area and placing my forearms down firmly on the top of the outermost
    part of the handlebars. I found this position to be really comfortable and I rode 40% of the
    ride in that position.

    I noted that in that positon I went down hills significantly faster. I noted that on level and hills
    I had more power.

    I felt like I was feeling the hip extensors ... hamstrings and gluteus maximus muscles feeling
    more powerful.

    I am wondering if this is what I should be feeling. And .. is the increase in power due more to
    hamstrings and gluts working in a more stretched position or is it more due to aerodynamic factors?

    I had initally tried this position thinking it might rest my hands during the rides and lead to
    another good position what would minimize any tingling at hands on longer rides. It turns out I had
    no tingling on the ride.

    John King

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