Riding the Alps/Pyrénées in X-mas


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Sep 20, 2003
I will be taking my bike with me to France for the x-mas holidays and wanted to ride some of the TDF climbs in the Pyrénées and the Alps - L'Alpe d'Huez, Luz-Ardiden....

Does anyone know what the road conditions will be like around that time? Are the roads open? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Road conditions? Likely to be brrrrrrrrr! For weather forecasts though, check out méteo.fr if you can read French, otherwise, try CNN international or a U.K. weather site.

I read an article about a company called "Mike's Bike Tours" (group of young biking slackers from TX who started this co. in Europe) they're on the web, they give tours in lots of European cities...

I know you're probably not looking to buy into a tour, but MBT might be able to point you in the right direction, refer you to another website or association, hook you up with some like minds.

Roads are generally open weather permitting. But the Pyrenees are pretty high altitude. Beautiful though, really beautiful, aim for places like St. Jean Pied-de-Port... ALso, maybe Sylvain could give you some ideas... he's a French member of the forum, seems like a very nice, friendly guy. Look him up in the member's guide, send him a PM.

Bonne chance, and above all, bon courage!

As some of these passes can get blocked with snow as late as june and that here in spain the first snow fell weeks ago I do feel that your not going to have much luck , even here in Alicante the passes at 1000 mts get blocked with snow each winter at some time during the winter .
Good luck but ..............
One of my best mates has just come back from an epic 5 weeks in the Pyrénées. He's also managed to get himself in the local paper for the feat he achieved. I've seen the pics and heard his stories and have decided thats it, i'm doing it too.

Only thing is he went in August when weather was nice. Goin at this time is a serious NO NO. Snow kills! Dont let this put you off however from goin during summer when u can actually enjoy the splendor of the Pyrénées. Also i've been told that the locals are really really nice and theres more of a passion for cycling in the small villages and towns you will come across as u go thru the Pyrénées.

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