Riding very skinnies

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    OK, as soon as I get up on a skinny that starts to look
    scary, I 'fall off' (it's my brain pushing me off at the
    last 'safe' moment)

    Luckily, not every time this happens do I actually hear
    Harper's loud chicken clucking noise and see his flapping
    arms....but it still haunts
    me :(

    Mountain bikers strategy is too look forward not at the
    skinny, but they have their handlebars in their peripheial
    (sp!) vision to guage themselves on.

    So, you skinny riders, approx. how far do you look in front
    of you? Do you look at the horizon, or do you try to see
    'some' wood in front of you?

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  2. I try to remember the excellent advice Kris Holms give in
    the Into Thunder Dragon movie. For still-stands, try to keep
    your weight over the wheel. For skinnies, try to keep the
    wheel under you. I think that's it, but I may have gotten
    them backwards.

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  3. Johnglazer

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    I usually look 10-15 feet ahead, sometimes more, sometimes
    less, but most of the time it is 10-15 feet.


    Unless! the rail is shorter than that or when I am nearing
    the end, I look at the end of the rail.

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