Riding With Prescription Glasses / Sunglasses?


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Jun 24, 2015
I just registered on the forum and searched but still unclear on the best approach here and looking for opinions. I wear prescription glasses and have clip on sunglasses that attach to the top of the frame (but not very confident in the ability to stay on in in high crosswinds). I just got into road cycling and bought my first bike, I'm now working my way up to a 65 mile ride in about 4-5 weeks.

My question is, for riders with prescription glasses on long rides, what do you wear? Do you wear your normal glasses or do you have special prescription wrap-around type glasses? Do you have special sunglasses that you wear for sunny days? Are they separate and other prescription glasses or do you have some type of clip on or other set of glasses that go on top of your regular glasses?

Any general info or advice would be appreciated or links to products that you would recommend whether they be cheap add ons on specialty prescription glasses.

Thanks in advance!
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My regular glasses are fine, clip on shades work if needed - although I really prefer my contacts for everything including cycling.

One suggestion though - get a strap to secure them - nothing worse than blindly searching through weeds for glasses that flew off when you hit a bump.
I've got a pair of Bolle Vigilante's with a prescription insert. I like them because I can easily change the lenses - dark for bright & sunny, amber for cloudy and clear for dark. I got them at Performance many years ago. My local optometrist filled the insert.
I wear my regular glasses when I'm commuting. They have transition lenses so they darken in the sun. I need my glasses to read and to see the fine details so I don't really like riding without them anymore.
I purchased a set of clear Rx and sunglass Rx glasses from a well-known online discount glasses provider. Couldn't be happier. The price is so good, I'm considering knock-off transitions from the same place for rides where the Wx changes.
I wear my prescription sunglasses. I picked up a pair of RayBans a few years ago and can't imagine being without them. They are incredibly comfortable and do the job they are suppose to do.
I have Rudy Project prescription sunglasses. My eyesight is so bad that I have to use inserts as they can't grind the outer lenses enough.

Tip if you need bifocals: Get the cheaper lined bifocals especially if you have to use inserts. With the line-less, progressive bifocals, you are constantly moving your head up and down to focus. Also the peripheral vision isn't so good. With the lined bifocals, you can basically just look down to read your bike computer/map/cue sheet and up to see the road. With inserts the outer lenses hid the dorky lined bifocal.
I wear contacts and goggles. This way I can ride as fast as I want and not worry about dust getting into my lenses or my peripheral vision.
Prescription sunglasses are a good choice as well.
Generally speaking regular glasses are fine, but if you are willing to get prescription glasses than get ones that are UVA or at the very least UVB and preferably polarised.
This is funny. It depends on whether you need them to ride with. Prescription sunglasses if you need. Any kind of glasses are good when you ride so your eyes don't get all messed up from the wind or bugs. I like wrap arounds.
"How to choose sunglasses for cycling" from Global Cycling Network

There are some sunglasses that are wide enough to fit over your glasses, so you don't need to get prescription sunglasses or rely on clip on shades. You would want to wear a tie in the back to be safe, but I think they should work fine for cycling.
This has been a concern for me too as I am also wearing prescription glasses. My glasses are actually limiting me from going farther distance so I decided to have contacts. The contacts had been very helpful for me although I am still searching for other ways to make this better. I hope I could read more options in here
I wear my prescription regular glasses or if its sunny, I have a pair of prescription sunglasses (not the professional cyclist kind just regular). I get all my glasses from Glasses Direct, they have a lot of variety! :D
I have prescription glasses that I just wear as normal while biking. The thing with glasses is that when you get them you need to make sure they're sized right. If you look down & they slip off of your face at all, they're not sized properly. Mine are a nice, snug fit so that I can turn my head quickly in any direction and they don't move at all. So my biggest advice is that I can give to someone who wears glasses or sunglasses while riding is to make sure they're a good fit first!

Personally, I find contacts very difficult to wear & they hurt my eyes, but if you're really worried about cycling with glasses on then maybe give contacts a try, they might work better for you. :)
I always wear my glasses when I am riding, and I have never found them to be a problem at all. I don't think that they should be coming off if they fit properly, so perhaps you need to get them adjusted. Of course, if you don't like cycling in glasses at all, then you might want to think about getting yourself fitted with contact lenses, as this means that you then wouldn't have to worry about the glasses anymore. This isn't for everyone though, and not an option that some would find attractive, however it might be worth thinking about if you want to ride regularly and need glasses.
Discount stores Lidl and Aldi sell a lot of cycling accessories including cycling sunglasses at very competitive prices.
The quality of their stock is very good, especially their sunglasses.

I've several pairs of Oakley's and the Aldi/Lidl sunglasses are as good. But they're far far cheaper.
I never wear my sunglasses while riding, it's never that hot in Poland to wear them.

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