Ridley Helium vs. kestrel RT900 SL


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Jan 28, 2011
I have an opportunity to buy a used, well taken care of Ridley Helium 2008 frame in my size. I have been looking at the kestrel (new) for quite some time and wanted to get some thoughts. The Kestrel has internal cable routing, it is 950gr vs. 900 for the Ridley. Not sure about stiffness for the kestrel, the Ridley I understand is quite stiff. I am currenlty on a Talon and like it, although it is not as stiff as I would like. I will be using for group rides with quick sprints at the end. Cost is close between the two. Thanks for any help.
Kestrels are nice but I wouldn't pass on a chance to get a lovingly used Ridley. The Helium is Ridley's idea of a climbing bike, so it shouldn't be as stiff as, say, a Noah.
Ridley over Kestel any day. I have ridden both and the Ridley has a stiff but comfortable ride that superior to the Kestrel. One of the niceset things about the Helium is that it tends to get more stable when you are over the handlebars.