Ridley Standover Height


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Nov 9, 2005
Ok - I'm having a real hard time here. . .

Am getting a Ridley frame and am trying to decide between their standard and sloping geometery.

I've contacted Ridley, a bike shop, and Ridley rep and no one can/would answer my questions.

Currently, I'm riding a 48 Cannondale with a standover height of 73.5. I could probably standover a 74.5 for 75, but much higher and I'd be way to friendly with my bike. My c'dale effective top tube is 51.5 (riding a 90 stem, so I couldn't go much shorter there) and I'm just about perfect. The smallest top tube lengths for Ridley 48's/xxs are 52 (standard) and 52.5 (sloping). I feel like the standard would be better reach-wise, but I'm concerned about standover height. Ridley does not note the standover height nor the bottom bracket height in any geometery tables.

Anybody know?