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Bill C

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> > Do you ever wake up with a nagging feeling that you've overinflated your
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> I also work with fatty masters:
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> Bob Schwartz

So how many gynecomastias do you get to fix every year, ansd how many
are "athletes"?
Bill C


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> Jack Hollis, quoting gwhite, wrote:
>>> Robert Chung wrote:
>>>> I'd say anyone who thinks that waiting time is the only determinant
>>>> of quality of care isn't competent to discuss quality of care.

>> I'd say that no care is about as bad as it gets, especially when
>> you're talking about diagnostic procedures.

> Then we agree on one of the reasons why general health status in the US is
> worse than in the UK: we've got 45 million uninsured and they've got
> universal coverage.
> But even for those who are insured and have access to care, the UK appears
> to do no worse and sometimes better:
> http://jama.ama-assn.org/cgi/content/full/295/17/2037 and
> http://roysocmed.ac.uk/media/downloads/j06-09diabetes.pdf
> And it costs them less.

Here in the UK, we pay for our health service via general taxation. With
some exceptions, health care is free at the point of delivery. Costs of
prescription medicines to the patient is strictly controlled. Currently it
is £6.40 per item. An 'item' counts as a course of a medication as written
on a prescription form. It matters not if the actual cost of the medication
is much higher - the patient pays £6.40 Plus there are many exemptions, such

*Children under 16 years of age
*Full time students aged 16, 17 or 18
*Anyone aged 60 or over
*War pensioners with a valid certificate
*Anyone in receipt of Income Support or income-based Jobseekers Allowance
*Anyone with a partner in receipt of Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
*Anyone with one of a range of exemption certificates

Certain medical conditions also entitle a patient to exemption. These

*Permanent fistulas (caecostomy, colostomy, laryngostomy etc)
*Myasthenia gravis
*Epilespy, requiring continuous anticonvulsive therapy
*Physical disabilities hampering mobility

Examples. Husband has severe hearing loss in one ear. He has a digital
hearing aid which was supplied at the local hospital. So it was free of
charge. Even the replacement batteries are supplied free of charge.

We do not have to worry when we fall ill that if we don't have private
medical insurance, we can't get treatment for an illness or can't afford the
thousands to pay for an operation. e.g., if I require a liver transplant, I
go on the waiting list for when a suitable liver becomes available. I don't
have to worry about where I'm going to find the money to pay for it.

The NHS is not perfect, by any means, but I'm darned glad we have it and I
really wouldn't like our health care system to go over to the American model
where millions of people don't have healthcare coverage.

Cheers, helen s

Pudd'nhead Wilson

Bob Schwartz wrote:
> Pudd'nhead Wilson wrote:
> > Yes, do get back to "interesting" talk about bike racing.
> >

> Dumbass,
> Don't let anyone see you with long white socks and Oakleys.

Dear Bob,

I finally threw away my black leather Detto Pietro's (sp?) and moldy
white socks when I moved this last month. My Lemond Oakley's are next.
It never got better from Lemond, did it?

> Your credibility on health care policy will be in the shitter
> for sure.

Thanks, I don't want to lose my credibility considering how much
everyone looks up to me and respects my opinions. (I don't think I
recommended any health care policy.)

> If you guys want something interesting, check out my business
> web page:
> http://www.rsplastic.com/

Yes, that must be an interesting and fulfilling line of work. Shall I
point out my favorite piece?

> Bob 'Call me Robert' Schwartz

Nice work -- you got more hair than Hank.