ripping on Ride-A-Lot



Until he says he's sorry, for insulting me, for initiating war like
relations by deciding he was offended by me making fun of Polocks, as
well as he making fun of me that I posted an old clip that's been seen
numerous times, I'm going to rip on his lame ass elderly trail only
riding ass. The guy can't do technical cuz he fears he'll fall & get
hurt, so all he does is film himself on trails that are apt to elderly
and handicapped.

Not one of his videos shows him going down a mountain, and the funniest
thing that I most recently laughed at him for was his video in Vail,
Colorado, of which he didn't go on a mountain once. He filmed himself
riding in fields on trails that had no rocks, no demand of skill, just
nice level dirt with no threat to challenge your balance, timing,
perception, and coordination skills. SImply, Ride-A-Lot is a big wus,
the king of Wus mountain-biking.

He's clearly in mountain-biking for "scenic viewing only", not for the
sport or challenge of athletic skills of the art of attacking
un-navigable terrain, as most other mountain-bikers have legitimately
validated their abilitys in the art/sport of "mountain biking". In
fact, I guess instead of getting artsy with the words (my dialect is
lacking), I could just say "Ride-A-Lot has no reason to be using a
mountain-bike in the videos he has shown, a road bike or crusing bike
would have worked just fine on all that he has done and shown in his
videos" - that's the sum truth best expressed about Ride-A-Lot.

If he wants me to stop insulting him, he needs to apologize for his
initiation of attacking me. I think his problem regarding inability to
do technical mountain-biking of which he doesn't need a mountain-bike
but could use a road-bike, is that he's on the net when he should be
out on the trails.


Enjoy his video in Vail, Colorado, of which he did not go on one
mountain, and did not ride on anything that demanded a mountain-bike,
but instead he could have used a road-bike. That's hilarious - going to
Vail, Colorado but not going on a mountain one time!! Everything in the
video is level, singletrack, and smooth terrain providing no challenge.
Why the hell didn't he just goto Chicago and ride the side-walk - it's
the same thing to what he did in Vail. A waste of money & travel. or for high bandwith