Ritalin Being Studied for Addiction Treatment

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    A study underway in Switzerland will test the effectiveness of using
    Ritalin to treat individuals addicted to drugs, the Neue Zurcher
    Zeitung reported Sept. 8.

    Ritalin is generally prescribed to treat Attention-Deficit
    Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children. However, researchers want
    to study Ritalin's affect on individuals addicted to both cocaine and

    "If we talk about street drug use, we don't see anyone who just
    consumes heroin anymore. The normal pattern today is the consumption
    of heroin and cocaine in the form of a cocktail," said Christopher
    Burki of Bern's Koda heroin prescription clinic. "Some studies have
    been done with Ritalin for cocaine addiction but it has never been
    done in this framework with patients in heroin-assisted treatment."

    For the study, 60 heroin and cocaine users in Basel and Bern will be
    given Ritalin over a three-month period.

    "Cocaine and Ritalin are both stimulants and although they don't work
    in the same way, they function in similar regions of the brain," said

    If Ritalin shows positive results, the study would proceed to a second
    phase of treatment that includes group therapy.