Rivendell Road bike for sale 51cm

Discussion in 'rec.bicycles.marketplace archive' started by John R, Jan 28, 2004.

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    I am selling my 1995 Rivendell road bike. The bike is forest green with bone headset and 2 bone
    stripes on seat tube. This was probably the fist multi colored Rivendell made seeing it was out of
    their third batch of bike out of the Waterford factory. The bike is full Campy Choirs 9 speed with
    some record. The bike looks new with no scratches. I probably only put 500 miles on this bike seeing
    I was more into riding my mountain bike. I replaced the tires last year with Continentals that have
    no miles. I never bought into the retro grouch thing and equipped this bike with the newest
    equipment as possible.

    I would like to get $1600 for the bike, new Rivendell frames are costing $2500 just for the
    frame alone !

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.