Riviera Maya Bike Adventure

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  1. Stephanie

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    Had a great time on the 6 day ride second week in January ... about 40 miles a day. Easy pace with
    stops every 10 miles or so for fruit water and granola bars, all provided. Excellent SAG support.
    First day all 42 of us piled our bikes on the ferry at Playa Del Carmen and headed for Cozumel. The
    weather was perfect and the sea a beautiful companion for most of the ride. Next day...down the
    autopista, nice shoulder for riding but loud exhaust belching trucks...this didn't last long and we
    stopped at XEL HA for some snorkeling. Off again...the ride went into the Yucatan..we stopped at the
    ruins, Tulum, Coba, and Chechen Itza (apologize for poor spelling). Stayed at a couple of Club Meds.
    The time away from the water was different, but an interesting experience. We stopped at two
    Cenotes...including the Grand Cenote for more swimming and snorkeling. These fresh water wonders
    coming out of the ground are nice and cool.

    The ride was well organized and supported. I believe they are doing another in march or april. There
    is also a Chiapas ride in the works.

    I spent the next 3 weeks in Puebla, MX, and experienced my first earthquake...but that's
    another story.


Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.