Road bike benefits compared to mtn bike


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Nov 15, 2010
Hey guys, i'm sorry if this question has been asked over and over.

I currently own a mountain bike (29" wheels) with road tires. I only ever cycle on the road, and I find it quite hard to maintain 30kph most of the time, especially into the wind. I would rate myself as above average in terms of fitness.

So my question is - would it be worth it for me to get a road bike? Will I notice a big increase in speed? Are they easier to ride into the wind and up hills etc? What are the benefits and drawbacks?

Any tips/info appreciated.

Your setup is kind of trendy, i have seen quite a lot of guys with MTBs fitted with road narrow tires.
A road bike will typically weight 2 to 4 kgs less than a MTB so yes it will make you faster.
Drop road handlebars give you more choices for your arms and hands in longer rides, and yes more aerodynamics.
Benefits: Higher speed, higher gearing, more aerodynamic riding position, higher performance.
Drawbacks: Price, addiction to riding, addiction to purchasing new accessories, wife/girlfriend leaves you because you spend more time riding than with her(maybe benefit?), addiction to riding fast, possible addiction to buying more than one road bike, possible addiction to riding competitively, possible addiction to riding in TDF(ala Lance).
Haha.. Well I have no wife, so that's an easy way to avoid the possibility of one leaving me. I think i'm sold :p