Road bike rear hub - 130 or 135?

vernon wrote:
> You might also consider having a chat with Spa Cycles in
> Harrogate who have a solid reputation when it comes to
> wheelbuilding for touring/expeditions.

Thanks all for the suggestions.

After a washout with the local LBS (who seemed keen to build me one as
they didn't have anything suitable in stock, but then lost interest and
couldn't be bothered following up with a proper quote despite me calling
them to chase it) I went to Spa. It wasn't really a custom build as they
had one ready built by them in stock which was what I'd decided upon
(using a Tiagra 130mm hub).

It was delivered yesterday, and fitted today. I can't fault the build
quality so far. It went on the bike this afternoon so I'll be able to do
a reasonable mileage on it this week to prove it prior to the Ring of
Herts next weekend.