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Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by Pete Biggs, Mar 28, 2003.

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  1. Pete Biggs

    Pete Biggs Guest

    No, not getting rid of any elderly relatives with vagabond tendencies.... Although s'pose I wouldn't
    need to, really......

    Instead, I have a couple of aluminium 74mm 5-arm inner chainrings for sale. Both fit Shimano or
    Campag road triple, touring double and some non-compact "ATB" cranksets, and should work with
    any-speed chain.

    Specialites TA 28 tooth. Top quality alloy, "9/10 speed", 28 grams, highly polished object of
    beauty! £5.50

    Campagnolo Mirage/Veloce C9 30 tooth, 34 grams. £4.50

    Or £8.50 for both.


    Both used but in good condition - with plenty more than half their life left, I reckon. Some
    /slight/ marks & scratches. Will refund if not happy for any reason within two weeks.


  2. Pete Biggs

    Pete Biggs Guest

    Both sold already.

    I expect to have a brand new Campag Veloce 30t for sale soon, after I get a new chainset.

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