Road rage sentence in local paper

Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by Simon Mason, Mar 21, 2003.

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    in a previous life I worked on the doors of some highly unsavoury drinking establishments and I've
    see more drunk on drunk voilence than most.

    if a person (door or punter) had inflicted that level of injury on another person, even with the
    'excuse' of excess alcohol, the assailant would, ime, be looking at a seven or eight year secntence.

    the fact the this disgustingly fat excuse for a man got only 2 years beggars belief. especially
    after two previous convictions for assaulting other motorists, a fact that would see a non motoring
    violence offender looking at the dangerous end of the three strikes = life rule.

    and what of the fututre regarding the proper sentencing of cagers that maim two wheelers ? no hope.
    I remember the fledgelng M.A.G raising just the same questions with transport minister peter
    bottomley, over 20 yeras ago

    now I do feel old.

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