Road riding in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Tobin, Nov 24, 2005.

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    I'm going to be spending a week in Puerto Vallarta the week before
    Christmas this year. I'll be bringing my road bike down with me (my
    rusty winter bike).

    I'd like to go for some modest rides up in the hills inland from PV,
    probably up the Ameca River valley, ideally rides 80 - 120 km in
    length. Rides will need to start and end at my hotel, just north of
    downtown. I'm not too crazy about spending a lot of time mixing with
    heavy traffic, so I'm going to avoid Mex200 as much as possible.

    Anybody had any experience riding this area recently? I could use some
    ride recommendations. Maps seem hard to come by, but some
    enticing-looking roads can be found east of PV on these maps: to/Como llegar a Sayulita.jpg
    (S of PV)
    (N of PV)

    Anybody ridden these roads up into the hills? Any tips or suggestions
    would be most welcome. I've done quite a bit of driving in the area,
    but this will be my first time riding my bike down there.

    On the off-chance that anyone is going to be down there the week before
    Christmas, drop me a line if you'd be into hooking up for a few modest
    to fast paced rides. (It's winter, so I'm talking 30 35km/h flat
    ground equivalent pace, with some fast bits thrown in where road
    conditions permit).

    Man, I am *so* looking forward to getting out of the dark, cold, fog,
    and rain...