Road Riding in South Africa

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    Jan 23, 2003
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    Just spent 3 weeks in Durban. Took the Airnimal ( There is a whole lot of cycling going on there despite the incredible cost of importing good gear.

    Durban and its surroundings are a brilliant place to ride, in both the literal and figurative senses. But you need the heart of a lion, and I'm not talking about the hills. Standard of driving 4/10. At times it was frankly menacing. But there is a lot less traffic than in Europe.

    I expected this, and it was still worthwhile. The palms and the sea and the empty roads make up for it. And there is something about the way South Africans organise events that make Europeans look like uptight amateurs. There were cheerleaders and PAs belting out music (at just the right frequency) along the route of the 10th Tour Durban (, although they lacked conviction after 3 hours or so -- it was about 40 deg in the sun.

    Recommended, and respect to anyone who actually does this in Gauteng, with half the air.