Road tyres for mtb


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Oct 10, 2017
hello new to the forum new to cycling, I bought a Trek xcalibre 8 29" about a year ago.... riden it twice since was looking at a road bike but thought about trying a set of road tyres on it first. currently the set of rims are "mustang elite tlr 29"

just wondering if I should get some narrow rims or just put thinner tyres on the current rims.

it does have disc brakes as well. if I got a different set of rims is it hard to get the disc on of it does come fitted.
Unless you plan to switch between slicks and knobblies frequently, you can well start simply by fitting some slicks.
How narrow you can go depends on the width of the rim.
”Rim” btw refers to the (metal) hoop ONLY.
You don’t want that.
You want a WHEEL.
They’re usually sold w/o brake rotor.
Pretty much always w/o tube and tire
May or may not have rim strip fitted.
Will usually come with q/r or thru-axle included.
Do note that there are several different hub standards currently available.
You need to get the right kind.
You may need to realign the brake calipers, or shim the rotors if you swap wheels.