Roasted Garlic

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  1. Occasionally when Sam's has the small mesh bag of garlic I stock up and
    make a large batch of roasted garlic.

    Roasted Garlic

    Whole heads of garlic--the number is controlled only by your pan size and
    the time you have to spend
    Olive oil

    Preheat oven to 325 degrees. With a sharp kinfe cut across the head of
    garlic so that all or neraly all of the cloves have a small piece cut off
    the top. Set them in a baking pan-glass, metal it dosen't matter, but it
    is easier to keep them upring if the pan is full. Pour the olive oil over
    them, in a fine stream so that it goes in the cloves not in the pan. Cover
    the pan tightly with foil. Place the pan in the oven and bake for roughly
    45 minutes.
    The cloves should be soft when removed from the oven. Some of the garlic
    on the center of the pan may need more time. Don't let the heads in the
    corners get too dark.

    After letting them cool slightly, or they can sit on the counter ovenight,
    you have to remove the soft garlic froom the paper shells. Squeezing is
    one way, if they are still warm. I like to take a table knife and go in
    and scoop it out. If the garlic has begun to sprout you will need to cut
    each clove in half and remove the green sprout from the center. It won't
    ever be soft enough to puree properly.
    In a food processor, or by hand, mix in enough olive oil to make a product
    about the texture of maked potatoes, but not that smooth. That is why I
    say processor or by hand, for the blender will remove all the texture and
    you want some.
    I put mine in small containers and freeze. When I need garlic I take out a
    container and use what I need then refigerate until it is used up.
    It is also a great gift!!

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