Robert Hunter interview...


Aug 11, 2001
Taken from the Cyclelab website, from Robbie Hunter. Very interseting indeed:

"Sheesh… What a job it was trying to keep Tom Steels in this race!
With bottles galore on my back there I was, nursing the big boy back into the bunch time after time. And as we got back I firmly said he should now just stay there while I go and give the other guys their refreshments. “And just don’t go anywhere now,” I said.

Well, as it turned out he was headed home and it was going to be the last stage Steels would finish.

All things considered, I’ve had an okay week in my second attempt at this great race and my sprinting legs aren’t in such bad shape.

I was at the front in the bunch sprint on Thursday and in a good position. I had the perfect line to Zabel’s wheel when I heard someone with an Aussie accent plead: “Please Robbie, let me onto his wheel.”

It was Robbie McEwan, desperate for some points to rival Zabel for the grebe jersey competition.

With a group having escaped, taking the first four positions, there wasn’t much in it for me, so I let him have the wheel. He owes me one now. Besides a slight hamstring ****le, I’m in great physical condition and looking forward to the second week of the Tour.

My daily massages are taking care of the worst pain in the hamstring and it really isn’t bothering me.

Over the weekend I’ll have lots of opportunity to hopefully slip into some moves again and try and see the wonderful solid white finish line first in a stage.

On Monday it’s the time trial, when Lance Armstrong will have his first opportunity to show his real mettle. For my money he is going to pull on the yellow jersey after the stage and it’s going to be damn hard to take it off him."
Did anyone here see Rocket Hunter bow his head yesterday when he went over the KOM line of the final Alpine mountain climb? Almost asif he was sending up a little prayer in thanks that he made it over the mountains. I'm glad for him, I think he did friggin well. (I'm a Hunter fan, as you can see) ;)
I'm an ex Robbie Hunter fan!<br /><br />My fiance and I saw him at the start of stage during the tour and he didn't even bother to come speak to me! It was 30 minutes before the start and the riders were riding up and down slowly doing interviews, signing autographs etc. Robbie rode past 5 times with us yelling to him every time (sometimes in afrikaans to show him we were south african).<br /><br />Did he stop? No chance!!!!<br /><br />He could have been busy or stressed or deaf but Brad Mcgee, David Millar and Robbie Mcewen all had time to chat to us for a few minutes (each one has more stage victories than Robbie!). Hell even Miguel Martinez stopped to speak to us and his english sucks!<br /><br />Poor show Robbie!<br /><br />That said I'll still look out for him at every oppotunity :)
[quote author=Eldron link=board=17;threadid=880;start=0#21316 date=1033383716]<br />Brad Mcgee and Robbie Mcewen all had time to chat to us for a few minutes[/quote]<br /><br />Mate, those guys are legends, another bloke i've run into a few times is Marcel Wust this guys is one of those true champions who puts back into cycling at the grass roots, not enough do it IMO.<br /><br />cheers
[quote author=Eldron link=board=17;threadid=880;start=0#21316 date=1033383716]<br />I'm an ex Robbie Hunter fan!....Poor show Robbie![/quote]<br /><br />Hmm, sad to hear...