Rochester/Toronto Ferry this Spring!

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Moosebear, Feb 8, 2004.

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    Check out the website for the Ferry here:

    I sent them this open letter

    Hello folks,

    I am excited to take the Rochester/Toronto Ferry this spring, and I wish you well in this business venture.

    As a Toronto Cyclist who looks forward to easier access to Rochester, and to the New York State Canalway trail system, I am pleased that your website specifies the rate for bikes at $10 US, plus passengers at $20. That is entirely reasonable, and I intend to use it.

    I am also concerned about the current lack of public transit plans for pedestrians. This demands public discussion. Cabs are an option. But Toronto is very bicycle-friendly, and a bike trail passes right near the docks, that safely heads straight for the heart of downtown and our lovely waterfront.

    Why not take advantage of that trail? For example, if you were to announce a change allowing bikes to board for free, (still charging $20 for their riders, as for foot passengers) that could have a very positive impact on the public perception of your service, and it could help reduce your overall environmental impact.

    An SUV, riding your ferry at only $40, (plus passenger fees) can weigh what, 5000 pounds? A bike, at $10, maybe 30 pounds. Would not allowing bikes for free be justifiable also in terms of your hard costs, such as fuel consumption and space usage?

    I am happy to pay the fee for my bike. But I just hope that somehow, your service can help promote healthful recreational opportunities between our two fine cities, and not simply shuttle more traffic (and pollution) between us.

    I look forward to discovering Rochester on my bike, and to making some friends on the other side of the lake.

    All the best,

    Vincent de Tourdonnet

    Musical Theatre Writer/Director

    [email protected]
    393 1/2 Roncesvalles #2
    Toronto, ON M6r 2N1 Canada

    Sent to The Toronto STAR [email protected]
    And the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle [email protected]
    Sent to The Toronto STAR [email protected]
    And the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle [email protected]

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