Rocky mountain oxygen30rc vs giant defy 3 vs trek 1.2

Discussion in 'Bike buying advice' started by Lucas Zimmerman, Jul 5, 2018.

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    Jul 5, 2018
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    So I’m fairly new to road biking and have been riding a cyclocross bike (2014 Kona Jake) for a while now but, riding with friends who all have road bikes I’m thinking of getting a road bike as well for when we are just on pavement. I know Fit is one of the most important things so ignoring that for now I need some opinions.

    There are three bikes for sale here locally;

    1) Rocky Mountain oxygen 30rc (which I can’t find any reviews online for).
    Like New Rocky Mountain Oxygen 30RC Road Bike. Might have 5km on it. Not able to ride due to hip surgery. 54cm Tektro Brakes. Shimano Tiagra Gears, Carbon Fiber fork. $600

    2). giant defy aluminium fork Shimano Sora breaks, derailleur. Ridden less than 25 times. $700

    3) Trek 1.2 $625
    Great Road Bike with very low kilometers
    Trek's 100 Alpha Series aluminum frame and carbon fork. 18 Speed drivetrain, dual pivot brakes.
    In excellent condition

    The descriptions are what are provided on the adds.

    My thought is going with the Rocky Mountain but, I can’t find any reviews on it but, it does have the carbon fork and Tiagra components which beat out the soras on the other two plus, it’s the cheapest of the bunch. My only concern is I can’t find any reviews on it.

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    aluminium bikes can be finicky when it comes to ride comfort, some can be comfortable and others will be bone jarring. I would recommend if at all possible to ride all three and see which one you like.