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    Last Friday saw me up Lysterfield with a couple of workmates (V and T
    for sake of posting) to finally give Rocky a bit of a workout. This was
    my first experience off road so number one priority was to get through
    the day in one piece. Oh and to have fun :)

    Started off with a loop of the Commonwealth Games track. I just
    couldn't get around the corners nicely, every time I'd get halfway
    around and the front wheel would take off which was a bit frustrating.

    Halfway around I got a call from Bikesoiler who'd rocked up, arranged to
    meet him at the car park and then I checked my heart rate, 184! That's
    a big deal, it hasn't been up there in years. Highest in the last
    couple of years has been 175 and the highest ever, recorded during an
    intervals session running in 1995, was 189. Cool :)

    Got up to the car park and V asked me how the bike felt. Relayed my
    experience with the front acting more like a bucking bronco than a bike
    and then slowed down the rebound by about four clicks. That proved to
    do the trick. We also picked up a couple of T's gym buddies.

    Bikesoiler then proceeded to take us through some of the real fun
    trails, it was all I could do to keep in touch so not sure exactly which
    tracks we rode but they were all really cool fun.

    Halfway through the day I started a bad habit, I knew it was bad as soon
    as I started it, and that is locking the rear up to get the bike back on
    line. Useful as a bail out but when you're doing it on half the corners
    it's not cool. I could feel Bikesoiler's blood rise a couple of
    degrees when I fessed up. Whoops, sorry :)

    Slightly sour note finished the day, V had a bit of a bingle and really
    banged his arm, suspected break because there was a real big bump and V
    had tingly feelings in his fingers and stuff.. Thank goodness
    Bikesoiler was there, he knows that place like the back of his hand and
    it wasn't long before he was taking me and the bikes back to my place
    and T was taking V to the hospital. The intention was for T to carry on
    home and I'd head to the hospital to pick V up. Fortunately it was just
    a really bad bruise which just happened to run over a nerve so all good.

    Saturday, rang up BSC and thanked Rob for setting me up with such a
    sweet bike :)

    Boxing day, V and I headed out for a bit of fun. I was a bit more
    confident this time and managed not to lock up my wheel up once going
    around corners :) I did have a couple of offs, putting my dormant judo
    roll skills to the test but it was all good. Picked up a couple of tips
    for coping with downhill and nailing s-bends. Fun fun fun!

    Lysterfield's going to be a second home most weekends come the New Year
    :) Mountain biking rocks.

    Big thanks to Bikesoiler for rocking up on Friday, you really made the
    day with your knowledge of the trails.
    Cheers | ~~ [email protected]
    Euan | ~~ _-\<,
    Melbourne, Australia | ~ (*)/ (*)

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