rolf vector 18 spoke front velocity fusion 36 rear?


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Feb 11, 2011
Ok, so I have already committed to this configuration, I'm just curious to see if anyone has anything to say about this. My story starts with a bike mechanic friend generously offering me a set of rolf vectors to put on my raleigh cadent last summer in preparation for a ride up to milwaukee that we were taking together. LOVED these wheels. Did a 160 mile round trip ride with some lightweight camping gear on the back and it rode like a dream.

Flash forward about a month, a bike thief manages to get my rear wheel off while I'm at work, and I am sitting on HALF of a really nice wheelset. In despair I switched to my winter bike (snow was coming soon anyway) and forgot about it till now. A week ago I went to my LBS and brought my remaining vector to see if they could recommend a good match. They convinced me that because I do some touring and tend to bring a little gear that I should get something durable and showed me the velocity fusion 36 hole rim, which incidentally they just finished building for me with a shimano hub. My main concern is that I have a very low spoke count in the front (my cadent has a carbon fork so I can put any weight there anyway) and a rather high spoke count in the back. Will this perform as well as my full Rolf Vector set? I know, probably not, but my thought is that it will probably last longer considering I hope to ride to detroit this summer with gear.

anyone with experience with both wheels or strange spoke count ratios like this?
FWIW. I think that you will be fine usng a 36h rear wheel with the 18h front wheel ...

  • IMO, the higher spoke count rear wheel SHOULD actually mean that climbing & acceleration may (if the wheel is built properly) be better!?!

FYI. In a long-ago-time-and-place, it was not uncommon for the rear wheel to have 40h rear wheels & 28h front wheels ...

Of course, COSMETICS are often a factor in choosing components -- if a mismatched rear wheel doesn't suit your aesthetic sensibilities, then a different rear wheel may be in order.
thanks for the reply, I feel reassured. like I said I am already committed to this, but this is my first time having anything close to high end wheels. I figure its the best thing for me because while I do some speed training, I also am big on distance riding and tend to keep all my weight on the back, so kind of a nice balance. Some day I will have the money to have separate road bikes for different uses, but for now I am maxed out on my winter/work bike and my summer/road bike.

I'm going to pick up the wheel right now, I'll post again when I have taken it for a spin so if anyone else is contemplating something similar they will have a first hand account...