How good is it for cyclists? I've been laid off the bike (specifically sitting on a bike saddle :'(...) for almost 3 months ( - clean your shorts guys - ). So to avoid the boredom of doing nothing, I started rollerblading. I can feel I'm not quiite as sharp or as fit as I was before taking time off the bike, but my legs have never felt so stong - can't wait to get back pedalling and see has it improved my strength.

Has anyone tried this as an off season sport? Did it work? Did you feel any stronger or did you find yourself feeling more "sluggish" and end up riding in big gears the whole time? I had skinny legs and was a religous pedaller... hate grinding big gears... but I've definitely gained some muscle mass especially around the thighs - the calves feel stronger too. But the question is - will it make me any faster on the bike?

Any thoughts, comments, experiences ...??
Rollerblading is an excellent X-training exercise. Apart from your leg muscles, it also gives you a fairly good upper-body workout. You will difinitely benefit from it.
Ironically, I originally started cycling to get fitter for ice hockey which I used to be fanatical about. During 1999, I broke my collarbone and stopped playing for a while. In September 2000 a colleague challenged me to do the cycling leg in a duathlon relay and I pulled out the old bike and gave it another go.
It's going into winter here in South Africa and I have decided to play social hockey and do some speed skating for leg strength and aerobic fitness for cycling. I am fortunate to have big thighs as a result, but as most of the skating I did for hockey was high intensity short bursts of power usually lasting about 1 to 2 minutes, I now struggle with my stamina, but can hold my own in a sprint.
I'm not sure where I'm going, but I think skating, either on ice or rollerblading will be an excellent form of cross training and as a bonus, you can do useful interval training aswell. Let me know if you're interested in some skating drills that you can do to keep it focussed.
Definitely interested in some drills... I plan on making this my off-season activity - just to let you know - I rode the 11 miles to work today - that's my first time riding a bike in almost 3 months. I felt as strong as a horse but I've definitely lost cycling-specific fitness... I'll bounce back I suppose.
I plan on scaling back on the rollerblading now as I think my "ailment" has been cured and I'm able to sit on a saddle again. Nevertheless - I'd be very interested in getting a hold of skating drills or interval training that you guys would be doing... It's a cool way of keeping fit and beats running any day.
I'll put something together for you. Need to dig out my old coaching notes.

I'll send you a private message when I have got it done and you can give me your e-mail address. 8)
-rant on-

I hate those damn rollerbladers, when I am on city bike paths they always manage to stick thier legs in front of you (fortunately some of those female legs are nice to look at). I am always afraid I am going to clip their legs when they do some of thier dumb moves and super long strides.

-rant off-


Roller blading is good exercise, rowing is better. You might be more motivated being outside rollerblading though.