rotor q-rings


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Apr 2, 2012
After having seen the "remember biopace" rings, I would loove to hear praises, blasphemies, heresies and any other comment anyone would have on them.

Also tech tips if you set 'em up yourself.

Thanks in advance!
I have two sets (130bcd and 110bcd) and I like them. I seem to be less sore at the end of a long ride and the power meter seems to agree.

Downsides... a bit of a pain figuring out what position seems to work best. Out of the saddle sprints and sat on the back of the saddle climbing yeilded better results in different ring positions - as explained on the Rotor setup. As a result I have mine in position 4. The other main gotcha is "pedaling squares" at the end of long, hard rides and going down hill. If you're really tired you do tend to notice the small difference in pedal speed and if you're really very tired then you can end up almost freewheeling at the top of each pedal rev as you can't match the required pedal velocity to keep the chain tight and freehub from freewheeling. Very annoying. But that's a once in a blue moon scenario.

I found that on the 110bcd (50/34) that a Shimano 6500 triple front mech gave far better shifts that a standard front mech. Shifting wasn't bad with the standard but it wasn't as fast as you'd expect if you were running a full Ultegra setup with Ultegra rings. With the triple front mech it is.

... and before someone asks, no I don't use them on my Powercranks. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/duck.gif