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Jul 21, 2003
Had to share this one... :)

So I went on a short ride on Saturday while the weather was almost springlike. 3 loops of a moderate hill climb route about 5 miles each up to the water tower and back. The point near where I turn around and head downhill there's a nice house with a three car garage that's just FILLED to capacity with "stuff"; Boxes, shelves, car parts, tires, a motorcycle, what looks like an old refrigerator etc etc... I've seen it many times on previous rides and always marvelled at how well "utilized" it is for space.

As I approached the second time around I saw, presumably, the man of the house outside spraying roundup at weeds in the cracks of the sidewalk... as I get closer I start to hear this woman yelling from somewhere in the backyard area... An excerpt is something like "You have all that **** in there and I'm sick of parking outside! How long am I supposed to deal with this! If you don't get rid of it all I'm going to start throwing it out on the street! are you listening to me!"

While I'm passing uphill I can see him sort of mouthing silently while she's yelling, with a kind of "blah blah blah" look on his face.

I chuckled and continue the short distance to the top of the loop, turned around and started heading downhill... It was interesting because she was still yelling stuff and I almost got this doppler effect of her voice as I was picking up speed...

Just as I passed he spritzed another weed in a crack and then suddenly fired three or four spritzes into the flower bed in the sidewalk that was filled with these nice brightly colored flowers!

I turned to look back as I passed and just said "Dude!" and he smiled this evil smile back at me... LoL!

Haven't posted in a while, but still riding, and had to share this :)


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