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Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by Jimbo, May 12, 2003.

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    So it was to be an easy, fun day... Following a ride that went great the day before... My first day
    off in 7 days... Ummmmm no.. We woke up and it was cool and foggy out.. The weatherman threatened
    rain in the pm. We decided to make the hour trip out to Rocky Point.... Everything in the van...off
    we go... Carla asked me why my check engine light was on in the van... Whup.. that's a problem...
    Since we are already in the van... We make a quick change of plans... We can hit the Greenbelt in
    about 10 minutes maybe a better choice... We pull into the lot and I shut off the car. Just for
    shits and giggles I try the van... Nuthin'.. completely dead... I looked at Carla and we both
    sighed... It's going to be one of _those_ days... We decided.. since it was already dead why not get
    the ride in and deal with it when we got back... Off we go into the damp fog... We were making some
    good time on the trail... besides the standing water that was annoying the shit out of me... Just
    means I have trail maintenance to do... We got over to cemetery hill and what do we see... water....
    Everywhere... I tried to ride through but when it got up to my hubs I got off.... We looked and saw
    a water streaming... I go off the bike and followed it... Before I could follow it Carla said she
    thought it was a pool being drained... She was right... a huge Built in pool behind a fence... I
    hopped the fence and found some guy standing around who told me the the condo maintenance crew set
    it up to drain into the woods... He then started telling me that the State should start taking care
    of their land... I laughed and told him... neither here or there... you have no right to pour
    thousands of gallons of your chlorinated water onto state land... He promised to make a call as the
    maintenance crew were not on site... I told him that I would be calling the cops on my return trip
    if it didn't stop... We headed north and completed our loop... That was a bit of a death march...
    The weather was not co-operating and my foot soaking encounter didn't help. Carla trooped on like a
    trooper... We headed back and got to the site... Water was still flooding into the woods... Now I
    had to do something about this... I hopped the fence again and discovered a pool hose I approached
    it and immediately sank waist deep in water... There had to be a few hundred gallons of water
    there... I got to the pool hose but there was nothing I could do to stem the flow.. There was an
    electric pump pushing the water out at about 10 gallons per minute... I hopped the fence again...
    Now soaked and really getting pissed... Nobody could get me the front office's number... and they
    were nowhere in site... I sloshed back to where Carla was waiting and called the cops... That was
    not really going to do anything but hey... we had to try.. The cop on the other end told me he would
    see what he could do... Which was more than likely nothing.. We left the site.. I was beaten and
    soaked... We still had a 10 mile ride home... and it was getting to look a lot like rain... When we
    finally got to the van we looked and felt like hell.... A quick change of clothes and the moment of
    truth... I put the key in the ignition and... The van started right up... I put my hands up and
    thanked the auto gods!!! Loaded up and went home for a warm showers and beers!!! A quick update I
    called the pres of the bike club and he ran down there took pictures and got the state and county
    involved... Looks like Mr Condo Community is going to get a hefty fine... and for our troubles we
    have to go in there and make a by-pass... The woods... Well as usual it gets the shitty end... My
    estimation... 30,000 gallons of chlorinated pool water... Probably will kill most everything in a
    100 - 200 yard area....


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