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Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by Penny S., Jun 26, 2003.

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    Kamikaze #2 calls at 7:45 and asks if we can move the time up from 9:30 to
    8:30... uh sure. So I'm running around getting everything together, cinnamon raisin bagel crammed in
    my mouth as I rack the bike. I have to stop and do the check list as I pull out of the drive
    just to make sure I haven't forgotten anything... gloves, shoes, 'bak, helmet, water, AMB
    headband, ok cool.

    It's so "refreshing" in the morning. The temp is just right and there's not a cloud in the sky. It's
    really cool to see how fast we can blow up the 2 mile serpentine climb to the top. Between the two
    of us the the last few rides have been slowed with flu and allergies or just some sort of "thing".

    Up at the top, man do I feel good. I choose the far right option down ( there are at least 3-6 maybe
    more) which is a former jeep road with lots of small granite dropoff, down to the single track with
    the tire turn ( I'll take a photo of that someday) Just when I was getting the hang of this turn
    it's gone and gotten an nice tire eater rut right down the prime line, and I ahve to slow down and
    dab, those ruts just get in my line and I freak a bit.

    We had decided to check out the new course sections put in for the XC race a couple of weeks ago. My
    friend LaRae raced it, and warned up about the sand pits, but of course we have to see for
    ourselves. Fall line, with turns, and sand pit is right. I hike a trun, ride a turn, surf through
    the sand on a turn and then hike a turn. Deep sand.. the kind that fills up your shoes when you
    hike-a-bike. K-2 averts an endo and goes flying off her bike, landing on her back like a turtle in
    the sand. We make it down ok, the section I did ride I did really well on but it's not a 2/10 of a
    mile to get real excited about.

    Then back up the "piney switchbacks" and I clean every single one ( this is a trouble spot for me)
    and then we pick up the other new section of trail that's been cut Now, this is sweet... a very
    gentle climb along the ridge through an open pine forest. Then the descent... very well built, a
    smlal log drop and the routed over some boulders. Cool! Though I do an abrupt stop as I can't see
    over the edge (ack! what's down here??!!") , the back up and wahoo just drop down the thing. We had
    to ride that new trail a few times. Then back up to the towers, follow the power lines, and then
    pick up the route down: 2 miles of sweet grade and banked turns.

    Damn that was good.


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