RR: A piece of the epic pie

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Sunday afternoon. Carla and I decide to ride the Greenbelt... Just a quick little 12 miles or so...
A good chance for Carla to burn in her new discs and get re-adjusted with the H/T. I needed to burn
off some of the Brooklyn's finest from the bike show the day before. I returned from work at about
3:30 and we were at the trialhead by 4... Plenty of time... The weather was perfect... cool and
sunny... Off we go...Carla is tearing up a nice pace... climbing like she means
it... She decided to work on her standing climb... for future use in her "assimilation"... I was
panting along nicely... As we go we are taking notes as to what needs maintaince on the trail...
The trail is in surprisingly good shape considering the virtual army of ATVs and mud riding
barneys... A few posts were ripped out by the ATVer's... That will have to be a trail crew.. A
lot of can be done with some walking trail maintaince parties... Good news... We made some really
good time and when we neared the end of the Greenbelt I offered to show Carla the Trail work we
did the previous Friday... So we rode up north further... We had plenty of light left to get up
to the Railroad and a little bit... Well since we were already there and we would have to go
against the one way trail to see the work we decided to do a loop of Stillwell.... :) Carla
asked me if we had enough light and without hesitation I told her we sure do!!!! As we took off I
started calculating it out in my head... If we did a good clip maybe.... Oh well.... We got into
Stillwell and moved along at a good pace... Another great trail... Our friend Mike just took over
as trail steward there and it looks like he has done a good job.... Still needs lots of work.. A
lot of New York City riders come all the way out to Long Island and this is the trail they
usually hit... Stillwell is a good mix of technical, twisty up and down singletrtrack that is
well know with the NYC mtb set....I am glad the Greenbelt is not well known. The traffic here has
just about killed the trail in the past... The last trail steward did a lot of work and really
brought the trail back to good shape... We got the whole loop in and started home... I started
getting a bad buzz in my head that told me I was about to experience the dreaded Bonk.... We got
about half way and I needed to stop and pull my helmet off... it felt like my head was going
explode.... After a short while and some nice conversation... we took off again... We made it
back to the van with about 30 seconds of daylight left... Perfect!!! Got home to a nice Black and
Tan and BBQ fish... What a nice ride... 2/3 of an epic in about 3 or 4 hours...

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