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Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by Ride-A-Lot, Jan 8, 2006.

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    First ride of the season at Allaire. Still one of my local favorites
    and fast as always. First time there on a singlespeed, and I was
    hurting. Not from the climbs but not enough time to recover from the
    many short steep ups in a row.

    The highlight of the day is when one of the riders tried to cross a
    creek at what he thought was the low point. Little did he now that his
    29" wheel (not me) would be buried in 2' of silt. He went over and the
    36F water and mud put an end to his day.

    Lots of good video was shot. Here is part one and some topo stuff.

    http://www.schnauzers.ws/a010806.wmv (60 MB)


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  2. Mark Hickey

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    Ride-A-Lot <[email protected]> wrote:

    >Lots of good video was shot. Here is part one and some topo stuff.

    That brought back some memories - my first MTB (errrr, ATB...)
    experiences were at Allaire back in the early/mid '80s (was that
    really 20 years ago???). There are some tougher bits in the park too
    (the ~200 foot steep, stepped loose descent that meets up with the
    trail where the rider near the end of the video stops after the
    switchback, for example).

    I DO miss riding where I can fall on something soft though. ;-)

    I also remember doing that "slolom" on the first part of the video,
    and losing the front wheel on a tun (hint - the "poles" don't move).

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