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Penny S.

I did the expected amount of labor on the rock wall that we're building today ( helped get a trailer
load of granite, cleared some weeds....) I'll post pics some day, the wall is going to be 150' x 3-5
high; all hand selected local granite, hand built. It's very cool.We think we've put 65 tons ( that
we've collected ourselves) into it so far.

Anyway, I ended up needing to find a new ride pal on short notice. The wall holds a lot of appeal
for some folks right now... Gotta love LaRae, she was ready to roll in less than an hour. I
reminded her that she could borrow her bf's rear wheel as they have his-n-hers bikes, and hers is
in the shop.

We plan to meet at a certain trail junction near Bowl and Pitcher rapids; she rides in from the
other side of the river. Sunday... some one should have reminded me that Sunday is Barney and Fred
day at the state park! Mostly walkers and families... this junction is at the most popular spot in
the park. We know they'll not be more than a half mile down the trail so we're just nice a polite,
"rider up" and we slow down and they let us by. Narrowly miss one off leash golden retriever... I
just knew he was going to cut in front of me at the last minute. Ok, pass the mobs and we can start
to blow out the pipes a bit. When I was out here the other day I had to hold back a bit as I
willingly had a beginner in tow. At one point where the single track meets up with the "bike" (paved
trail) we meet the Mountain Bike Family - so cute!! Mom and Dad on nice bikes, two medium size kids,
and one on a tag along. They ask if the section we just came off is under water or not. Not yet.

We continue on through "Vietnam" at a nice clip, rise up to the first forest terrace, picking up all
the bits of single track that wind from the 24 hour course. There's a log pile that so far I've gone
around because it sort of deconstructed over the winter. It looks like a chain ring basher from the
direction we come from. So this time we stop to investigate, poke at it, wheel the bikes over it...
looks like a go. LaRae hits it, then I do... piece of cake. We take a breather at the next junction,
and she tells me how much fun it is to ride with me because I like to "work on stuff"... haha, I
think she's a much better rider than I am, but I have to give her a big hug because we are just
having way too much of a good time.

Onwards, up half mile hill to the upper terrace, man, we are riding FAST today! Feels good. I take
the gully that threw me last year with only a moment's hesitation, a little more brake than is ideal
but I'm getting over that wreck. Pass two guys riding the loop the other way ( they always look so
surprised) And then, the moment of the day...

Devils Down... I just followed her down it, didn't even stop to study the line, and hot damn...
cleaned that sucker first time ever...didn't ride the brake no dabs, no sotpping to pick the line,
just went for it. God that felt so awesome. She didn't see me as I was right behind her, but I'm
sure anyone within a quarter mile heard me. I got a high five on that one and we just kept right on
going. and then, time to part ways... <sigh> Big grin. That was a good one.


John G

Penny S. wrote:

> Big grin. That was a good one.

Dontchya just love days whne everything clicks into place adn the ride flows perfeclty!?!?!?
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