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Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by Watimena, May 3, 2003.

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    Gathered last years Mont 24 hr race Team Gestank for an Autumn ride. The first time we'd all been
    together on a Saturday ride for months. The weather was perfect autumn riding weather, brisk in the
    morning, but fine with everyything warming up as we went on.

    Decided to head to Mt Majura, the only place left within riding distance of Canberra after the

    Didn't go too hard, Chaddy smelt like a distillery anyway when he turned up and Sean had a second
    hand NRS he'd just bought and was breaking it in. I am still breaking in my new (first) duallie as
    well, and just had fun pushing and finding the limits of our new rides...

    We just beetled through the singletrack, raced each other on the fast bits had plenty of stops to
    make adjustments to Sean's new ride.

    Stopped and did the elevated ramps at "South Shore", made it through nearly all of them for the
    first time today, just one 'dab'.

    Finished it up with video session at Chaddy's show, watched this years red bull ride at Jindabyne..
    VERY insane riding.

    All in all a perfect riding morning. Will do it again tomorrow.......


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Not open for further replies.