RR: Boot Scoot and Scuttlehole

Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by Jimbo(san), Mar 27, 2006.

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    The trails and riders here are demarked by east and west The Easties
    think they have the world by the nuts... The trails are long and fast
    and groomed to perfection, but they rarely ride anywhere outside of
    their local trails. They have this sort of inbreeding going on... They
    get faster and faster on their own trails but can't ride anything
    outside of their own territory.
    The western trails are rough and technical (read
    washed out from overuse and poorly designed) but they have easier
    to the world of trails off of the island... The true mountains! Carla
    and I are now living in the eastie kingdom... I am not complaining. We
    feel we have the best of both worlds. When we want long trails we are
    now half the distance and the real off island trails are only an extra
    half hour away. Our new home trails are less crowded and there is some
    decent variety. We haven't been on a trail in a long long time... and
    were chomping at the bit for a chance to get out. Saturday passed us
    and we woke up Sunday to another long list of chores. Carla gave me the
    choice of finishing our taxes off. Which meant a trip to the store for
    printer ink and most likely a few more stops... basically killing the
    afternoon. Choice B seemed better... Drop everything till later and
    ride... We decided to boot scoot and boogy to Calvertton and get a ride
    in... The sky was saying rain but we chose to keep looking foward...
    up! We began the long forgotten ritual of getting ready for the ride...
    It has been months since we have been on a trail... We dressed and
    chose her geared bike... She told me that there was no way she could SS
    the trail at her current fitness level... I agreed, disagreed, took out
    my SS put it back and went for the H/T... Carla is a wise woman. We got
    to the trail and it is like magic... The love came right back. It felt
    to me like that odd shaped piece of the puzzle that had been missing
    slipped into place. The entire picture made sense.
    My mind relaxed and I felt the flow come right back...
    My body rebelled a bit... I can't blame it for wanting to stay indoors
    and take it easy, but I eventually got it to work for me and not
    agianst. We saw a doe and fawn and stood for a while close by but
    upwind... watching each other... it was like seeing old friends. We
    rode out to the scuttle hole and it's hilly fun. Just as we crested
    onto the ridge that runs around it I could hear the gentle sound of
    falling... We were both tired and decided the direct route out would be
    best... We skipped a few technical bypasses and headed back to the
    truck... The rain stopped falling and the woods were so quiet... We
    felt tired but so happy to be back! We are planning for more rides...
    It's nice to be back on the nice horsey!


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    Boy, you can say that again! But very *happy* for you guys, and glad to
    see that Carla's feeling good enough to throw a leg over. Felt the
    groove through your writing, Jimbo.

    Boot Scoot and Boogie sounds like the start of a party, and all my
    rowdy friends are goin riding tonight!