RR: cold, good effort but nothing much...

Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by Paladin, Jan 26, 2005.

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    It had been several weeks since I'd ridden outside, so figgerd it was high
    time. It had been dry and cold for several days so I thought the trails
    might be rideable.

    The bretheren besought me nay, paladin, though wouldst inflict gravest harm
    and desolation if thou ridest. Betook the SS to reserve wheresoever the
    military ghosts traverse, dirt road wast blessed, as wast track to pistol
    range. Lo, I continueth a goodly climb on sand-anointed service road,
    achieveth much mudd on gray lady and self. Desolation and pestilence!
    Hellfire and Dalmations! Singletrack not traversable by 2 wheel-ed steed.
    Retraceth steps and got me up to Rocky Canyon, nameth such because tis truly
    well, a rocky canyon. Ascend into the hills from whence cometh my strength.

    Cold, gray, quiet, ascendeth into snow line, colder, quieter, truly
    magnificent to behold. behold essence of mediocrity: