RR: Copper Canyon, Mexico (Very Long)


Shaun aRe

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> Nice one, I'll have to call you Shaun 'I do a lot of work for Charitee
> mates' Rimmer from now on...
> Steve.

Heheh, cheers Steve! First time I've done any volunteer work - been on my
mind lately that I should be less selfish, so when the opportunity presented
itself, I said WTF I'll do it!

Kath took the biggest single donation of the night at our own call centre -

We were just one of IIRC ~130 individual buildings set up as a 'virtual call
centre', manned entirely by volunteers, a total of about 30,000 of us. I had
people pledging money that were drunk, in fits of laughter, cheerful, and
some down right upset by it all and in floods of tears. It was quite bizarre
indeed! We even had people call from other countries, including Malta, and
even Poland FFS!

Shaun aRe


> It's funny how most American's view Mexico. It's always a vision of
> border towns that taint our view of what a country can show the

> Once you reach the interior, one is opened to a unique culture full

> vibrant friendly people. Though they do not have much, it doesn't

> to bother them and they make the most with what they do have.

Good point. There's nothing I hate more than people without much money
or material belongings. Yuck!