RR: First ride at Tanner Park

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Carla A-G

It was a beautiful day. The first one that we have had in quite a long time. The temperature was
somewhere in the 60's, and the big bright glowing ball in the sky was shining brightly.

We had just gotten the new Monty mod trials bike last week and had not had a chance to take it for a
ride yet. The furthest it had gone was our driveway, so far. We decided to go play with both the
trials bikes at Tanner Park and Beach, not far from our house.

The new addition to the family. The Monty X Alp Magura mod trials bike:


The Nukeproof stock trials bike (with new Magura HS22's and longer stem):


Both of them, quietly bonding:


We played around in the parking lot and the bay docks for a while, getting a feel for the bikes.

Jim plays with the Monty for a little bit:



Carla overlooks the bay in a trackstand:


We switched bikes a couple of times to try different things with them.

Carla does a little ledge hop up with the Monty:


Overall, both bikes felt fantastic. I love the ride of the new bike. Its so easy and light to throw
around. I have a feeling I will be spending a lot of time with this puppy. The same goes for the
stock bike, with the new brakes and stem, it felt like a completely different bike in how it handled
and what you can do with it.

We rode for a bit around the park, hitting little obstacles. The ride ended when I discovered that
the crankarm on the Monty popped loose. Guess we forgot to check all the nuts and bolts before
taking it out...

We called it a day and went back home for some brews and a bbq'd cod fish dinner:



- CA-G

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