RR: Frozen Solid...Or Is It?

Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by Bill Wheeler, Jan 26, 2003.

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  1. Bill Wheeler

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    The east coast has been hit by record low temps for the entire last 2 weeks. Yesterday it warmed up
    to about 32 - 35, purrrfect for riding. The trails were complete frozen solid no mud anywhere. I was
    almost like riding on dirt cement.

    As anyone knows who rides back at Avalon (Patapsco State Park) you can't go too far without
    crossing a stream somewhere. From my experience last week where I almost went under, I decided to
    be a bit more cautious. I mapped out a pretty tame route to stay away from the stream crossings for
    the most part.

    Best laid plans out the friggin window, I was having too much fun to stick to my boring route. I
    just went everywhere. I ended up coming to the stream where I went down last week, but this time
    from the opposite side. Great this looks like it's frozen complete solid all the way across....hmmm
    are those bubbles just 2 inches under the ice?

    I couldn't tell how thick the ice was, no tracks going across as far as I could see. Should I risk
    it or find a log to cross? I found a long stick and started chopping at the ice...hmm pretty solid,
    me thinks it's okay to cross.

    Get back on the SS and slowly make my way down the bank, let off the front brakes as soon as the
    front hits the ice, I'm on, no cracking sounds. Half way across, what's that I hear?! Sh!t cracking
    sounds. Can't go any faster, don't want to slip, 5 feet from other bank, still crack sounds coming
    from somewhere, 2 feet, 1, front reaches the bank, rear on safely....yeeeas! Toes still dry and
    feeling good. Next time I'm taking the log.


    Get out and ride!!

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