RR: I hate ice

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I had been praying for months for the ground to freeze to do away with all the mud, and it did,
along with a bit of snow and eventually ice. So today I decide to do an afterwork ride since the sun
is staying up longer, and the weather has turned unseasonably nice. So enroute to my favourite
stomping grounds I did a detour past the local ski slope for a short downhill adventure, and at the
bottom of the hill where the water runs off was a good 2 inch thick and 15-20 foot wide solid ice
patch. Being the wise person I am I decide to not attempt riding it since I am famous for having my
front tire kick out from under me. I begin crossing it tip-toeing like some kind of fairy and what
do you know....my feet decide to kick out this time. So I busted my ass and elbow nicely and quickly
looked to ensure no one was around to see it. I brush off the little pain and hit the back road to
my favourite hill. I came across patches of ice along the way but no problems. Then once to the road
I must take I noticed it was a solid sheet of ice the entire way. Then I realize I simply wont have
enough daylight to endure that type of terrain,so with a long face I turn around and point it home,
and that is why I hate ice! So now I am prying for warmer weather again, think I would rather deal
with the mud instead.
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