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Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by Bill Wheeler, Mar 24, 2003.

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  1. Bill Wheeler

    Bill Wheeler Guest

    Ever have one of those rides where you finish up and it seems like just a few minutes went by?
    Or sometimes you get to your destination and think what the hell happened between the time I
    started and now?

    You can get so into the ride that only your subconscious is aware of your surroundings. Your mind is
    on your next move, stroke, line, cadence...

    If you think this is a road trip RR you guessed right. I decided to give Mike V his props and not
    mutilate my saturated MTB trails.

    Sunday was almost perfect for a road trip, the only thing that brought it down on the scale was
    the wind. I did a 25 mile loop in Western Howard County. Many hills and it seems most are
    against the wind.

    I started out just staying tucked and relaxed down in the aerobars. The low gearing, that's right
    this is no SS it actually has 12 usable gears whaaafvckingwho, really felt good. I kept my head down
    and was focusing for the most part about 10 yards ahead on the white line between the shoulder and
    the main road with an occasional look ahead for any obstacles. I wasn't out for time just trying to
    relax and spin and press the hills a bit.

    Anytime a car or a truck buzzed me (friggin @ssholes) I just looked up and smiled I was having too
    much fun staying low. I realized I was about half way through the ride and had stayed seated and
    tucked the entire way. What happened to my hills? Was I lost? Did I take zig when I should have
    zagged? I recognized a landmark and checked my time. Hey not bad for a windy day 1 minute faster
    than usual...something must be wrong. The cross winds got me a little squirrely a few times, that
    must really be a bitch with solid wheels.

    Needless to say on the way back it truly felt good. Wind at my back not a trace of fatigue in my
    legs or back. I found myself spinning out at about 37 mph I couldn't seem to get my spin smooth
    enough with the high cadence and lower gearing. Something I'll have to work on. But damn I'll settle
    for that because the low gear completely flattens out those hills. Sure I lose a little on the flats
    but screaming up the hills more than makes up for it.

    I couldn't believe it when I got back on the main road Route 108. Jeeze where the feck have I
    just been?

    In the zone, in flow, in the wind.

    Can't wait for May!


    Bill(did not check for punctuation)Wheeler

    The mind serves properly as a window glass rather than as a reflector, that is, the mind should give
    an immediate view instead of an interpretation of the world.

  2. Bb

    Bb Guest

    On Mon, 24 Mar 2003 21:29:25 -0500, Bill Wheeler wrote:

    > In the zone, in flow, in the wind.

    Good on ya! Hard to imagine being in the zone on the road, especially in the wind.

    > Can't wait for May!

    Hear that. I did a little road riding myself:

    Saturday: 3 miles from the house, a huge downpour. I rode back repeating "this sucks" more time that
    I can remember. Not quite in the zone.

    Sunday: it finally stopped raining for a few hours, and I got out and started heading up the 3-mile
    climb. The wind was bitter cold, and I thought it was going to cut the ride short. Then the climb
    got intense. Man, the winter has done a number on my legs! Got to see some really drenched trails,
    but didn't partake. Finally at the top, I decided to just head back; not wanting to overdo the first
    ride. The cold wind felt SO good!

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