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Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by Carla A-G, Apr 4, 2003.

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    Another night trials session was in order. Jim and I hit the neighbourhood in search of
    obstacles...riding a trials bike for anything longer than a mile with a teeny tiny gear ratio can be
    a heartwarming experience, I feel like a hamster in one of those hamster wheels, just spinning and
    spinning and getting nowhere quickly. I highly recommend it to anyone...

    We rode towards an industrial area that we had spotted. There were nice little concrete structures
    that we were able to play with...ledges, step ups, gaps, etc.

    We continued to practice the basic moves...trackstands, bunnyhops, sidehops, pedal kicks, pivots,
    rear wheel hops...we have been progressing quite nicely, I must admit.

    We came upon a landscaped area that had natural structures (small boulders and rocks, ledges made
    from flat rocks, etc). We decided to hit the various sections to try some natural trials (aka natty
    trials). We attempted various moves and were successful with some. I did a "ride up" to a rocky
    ledge and manage to make it to the top, only to lose my balance after my succession, slipping off
    one of the pedals, I toppled off the side a couple feet and landed on my left elbow.
    Instantaneously, I saw stars...and I don't mean the ones appear on a clear the night sky...the pain
    shot up to my shoulder. I lay there for a couple minutes waiting for the stars to disappear. When
    they did, I attempted the same obstacle but did not accomplish it :-(

    I rode away psychologically and physically anguished...I will return to conquer it soon...

    - CA-G

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