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    Chewed up, spat out... nice day for a ride though.

    I turned up for HCC at the Teams Road Race champs held at Meredith, roughly halfway between Geelong and Ballarat. The course consisted of 20km ride to the first of three 31km laps then the 20km back to Meredith. About 140 riders turned up with about half of the teams being sponsor teams and the other half representing cycling clubs. It was my first go at such a large race, so I was a little apprehensive in the bunch. The good news is that I didn't crash (unlike several others), the bad news was that most people are a lot faster than me up hills. I forgot to mention that the course was undulating, with about 280m between the high and low points of the course.

    It didn't take too long for me to have to go into the red just to keep up... this continued for a little while until I reluctantly had to let go. Fortunately I wasn't alone and toured around with a little grupetto. A lovely sunny day in central Victoria with just light winds and quiet roads. We pulled the plug at the start of the last lap and turned towards home, arriving well in time to see the winners storm up to the finish. David Kemp (VIS) cleared out on one of the last climbs to win solo, the top ten came in ones, twos and threes and a more substantial bunch of about twenty turned up a few minutes later. That was enough for me, though I imagine little groups and solo riders would have trickled in for a while afterwards...

    It was fun to have a go with such a talented bunch of riders... a bit more training and I might have lasted longer...