RR: Murrarie Crits - Sat 10/9/05 (also - Aker is a cyclist!)

Discussion in 'Australia and New Zealand' started by Absent Husband, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    Another Saturday, and Abby sleeps through his alarm, leaps out of bed,
    wolfs down a peanut butter & strawberry jam sanger (the food of the
    gods!!), pumps up the tyres, and rides to Murrarie.

    Damn that Ashes cricket - how am I supposed to get any good sleep!!

    While I'm signing in, I see Jason Akermanis (of the mighty Brisbane
    Lions) pinning his number on (also Cat 2 *eeek*). He was wearing a
    Ffast club jersey (and surrounded by a posse of 4 other Ffast riders),
    and riding a shiny silver Litespeed with a carbon aero seatpost.
    Couldn't pick his running gear... Hopefully a role model for the
    kiddies of Brisbane to follow, and dust their bikes out of the shed??

    Pace today was quick, but more consistent - lacking the surges and ebbs
    of last week. This seemed to make it a bit harder... I got gapped badly
    off the back once, but managed to claw my way back on, which I was very
    pleased about. When I finally got back, I noticed that I'd dragged a
    train of half-a-dozen riders back with me. Thanks for the help, guys!!

    Finished up at the rear of the peloton, as we crossed the finish line.
    Final stats: 40min + 3laps (45min total today); ave 39.6km/h; dist

    For me, one of the best bits was the ride home - an up & down hilly 9km
    down Creek Rd. I rode back with Mick (another great ride from him
    today!), and I felt much stronger than usual on the homeward commute.
    Obviously getting stronger - Yay!!

    Oh, and Aker did well too!! He lead once or twice, and obviously knew
    how to handle his bike (although he looked a bit skittish a couple of
    times when he dropped back in the group). And he reckons the Swannies
    are gonna go through and win the flag.

    Cheers all,