RR: Penrith B-grade 29/5


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May 24, 2004
I've been a little busy with work and a newborn baby to be doing much racing this season, but I was able to escape for a few hours this morning for a race 'away' at Penrith Regatta Centre.

Given my lack of racing (though I did the Sydney half-marathon a week ago), I would be happy just to stay with the bunch for a fast bunch ride... about 14 laps/70km around the dead flat regatta course.

There were two other Parramattas in the race, so when a break finally went after about 20 minutes with one of us, I switched immediately to lazy mode. I doubt that the gruppo liked it very much, but I'd take my turns and soft pedal a little, let little gaps open up and generally weaken the chase effort. The other Parramatta in the group did little to help the chase either.

Gradually the gap increased to about a minute with maybe 30km to go, then the trouble started. A-grade lapped us, but then didn't go on with the job. A few Bs then jumped on the A-grade train that would ultimately reel in the break that I'd fought so hard to protect. Bollocks.

General confusion followed when the break was caught and there were some unhappy campers. Half the pack sat up, the officials told B to drop off and then the original break took off past the A-grade bunch with 10km to go! More confusion and myself and one other took off after the break (with no help from the A-grade bunch, I might add) and it was four riders into the finish. I decided not to contest the sprint, but to try to set it up for my club-mate, where he finished second. Bollocks again.

Oh well, next time I hope the bunch gets their act together and follows the rules as well as the informal rules. At least I had a nice bunch ride, albeit probably the slowest B-grade race I've been in...

Next time...