RR River ride at Riverside.

Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by Penny S., Mar 30, 2003.

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  1. Penny S.

    Penny S. Guest

    Ah, spring. Nothing like the chirping of g****m birds and cheery sunlight at
    5:30. I have to wait until at least 8:30 to give Kamikaze #2 a jingle to confirm our ride plans. Lo
    and behold, she calls me! Meet at 10 the usual Riverside trail head.

    Dang it feels good to be moving. It's early spring yet; barely green in a lot of spots with the
    occasional buttercup and shooting star. Hey look>>> there's a technical mini-detour around one easy
    portion of the trail and someone's added a log pile to ride over... cool! We buzz right along the
    shoreline trail, ,waiting to see if the lowest portion by the Toenail rapid is underwater or not...
    not... (yet) It feels so good to sense the air warming, to feel the power of my legs, the trail
    rolling away under my wheels. (Speaking of wheels my rear is still out of true so I guess I'll have
    to work on that some more...) K2 is hopping ( both wheels simultaneously) over small puddles as we
    encounter them; I try to copy and I think I got it at least once.

    As usual with the start of every year, we get a little disoriented trying to find the cut off for
    half mile hill so we double back and take the right turnoff. We are so *on* today... just cruise
    right up the hill: this is the one that has folks who sat on their ass all winter dogging it and
    choking until almost early summer. I come to the determination that as annoying as they, the spin
    classes give me a edge for early season riding, as compared to the ride to get in shape to rider
    programs. Next is a steep rocky short section... there's a wild turkey on the side of the trail,
    almost distracts me.. but no, I clean that section too. Then there's the gully roller that I endo'd
    on big time last year and haven't been on since. I have to stop and think about them... I know all I
    need to do is not grab that front brake at the bottom ( duh) But it's not automatic; I have to apply
    some brain power here. I do, it works, ta-da. K2 and I talk a bit as we hit a double track section
    about braking, and how I have a tendency to stay on the brakes a little too long... using them
    appropriately but not relaseing them as soon as I should to let the bike run.

    last section of any consequence is the Devil's drop. Failed line the first attempt, I go back for
    #2, better line, almost lose the line and have to put both feet down but the new part is being able
    to remount and finish it off, letting my bike run out appropriate too cheers from my pal.

    12 mile loop, as we finish up we are grateful for our early start as they seem to be coming out in
    droves. The sun is warm ( went from 40 to 68 in two hours) and I almost hit some idiot unleashed dog
    in the last mile. Stupid dog just stands in the middle of the trail while Barney rider is clueless
    about a) the leash law in the park and b) training dog to do something more appropriate than just
    stand there. I don't let it ruin my day but I don't say hi either.

    All done... Then I went home and helped the hubbycollect field stones for his wall and then dug
    juniper stumps all afternoon...


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